40 anni senza Bill

Bill Evans (16 August 1929 – 15 September 1980)

“I think some young people want a deeper experience. Some people just wanna be hit over the head and, you know, if then they [get] hit hard enough maybe they’ll feel something. You know? But some people want to get inside of something and discover, maybe, more richness. And I think it will always be the same; they’re not going to be the great percentage of the people. A great percentage of the people don’t want a challenge. They want something to be done to them — they don’t want to participate. But there’ll always be maybe 15% maybe, 15%, that desire something more, and they’ll search it out – and maybe that’s where art is, I think.” Bill Evans

Photo by Freddy Warren from the book RONNIE SCOTT’S 1959-69:

Bill had this quiet fire that I loved on piano. The way he approached it, the sound he got was like crystal notes or sparkling water cascading down from some clear waterfall. I had to change the way the band sounded again for Bill’s style by playing different tunes, softer ones at first. — Miles Davis

“Jazz is a mental attitude rather than a style.” Bill Evans

Bill Evans on stage at the Newport Jazz Festival, July 1969. Photo by Tom Copi

“What was cool about the Bill Evans Trio was that regimentation was thrown out the window, there was a lot of interplay, and the music was going in all directions, linear, forwards, backwards.” Stanley Clarke

“Bill’s contribution to the world of music and aesthetics is unable to be measured. Those he inspired know. I personally have learned a great deal from him.” Chick Corea 

Bill Evans by Chuck Stewart

“To me Bill Evans was the Chopin of jazz. I loved him and respected him as a person. He was a great artist.” McCoy Tyner

Per completare il breve ricordo di Bill eccovi un bootleg registrato solo un mese prima di morire, il 9 agosto 1980 al Molde Jazz Festival:

Bill Evans: piano
Marc Johnson: bass
Joe LaBarbera: drums

Live at Molde Jazz Festival, Norway, August 9, 1980

  1. Re: Person I Knew
  2. Days Of Wine And Roses
  3. Your Story
  4. Nardis

Duration 00:33:44


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